Buying Bitcoin in Canada without paying high fees

The reason why cryptocurrency exchanges exist is simple – they are making money by connecting sellers and buyers. Namely, they are asking for certain fees for every transfer made through their websites. This is quite logical because running these platforms can be quite expensive especially when it comes to safe and secure platforms. The fees you will pay for buying…

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How to Buy Bitcoin in Canada: A Simple Guide

People are always looking for a way to invest their money in something that can provide profit in the long run or even better – after a short period of time. They are investing in real estate, bonds, precious metals and recently – in cryptocurrencies too. Bitcoin is by far the most popular cryptocurrency. In fact, its Bitcoin’s “fault” that…

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How to Buy Bitcoin – Canadian Edition

If you take some time and do some research about Bitcoins and cryptocurrency, you will notice that there are thousands of blogs and websites dedicated to this phenomenon. People that don’t have much experience in this field will probably get confused because they won’t be able to tell where they can buy, sell or trade Bitcoin. This is especially true…

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